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MINEEMOO is a specialty retailer of children’s apparel for newborns to pre-teens. We sell only clothes made from 100% cotton. We go by the philosophy that our clothing be made in a way that treats all people that take part in the process fairly, from the farmers and millers through to the cutters and makers, supporting localized regions, their families and their development. Cotton is popular for many reasons, many of which come from it being a natural, breathable fiber that doesn’t cause allergies. Because it is breathable, we can wear it in warm weather and still be comfortable, since it doesn’t trap heat and allows moisture to evaporate. These qualities also mean that it retains odor less than synthetics and other materials, so we can wash it less often - saving water, energy costs, and wear and tear on our clothes so they last longer.

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WHY 100% Cotton

The best for your baby

Organic cotton is the ideal fabric for a baby's delicate skin because it is fine, soft and strong. It's also grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals, so your baby's clothes won't become uncomfortable. Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most destructive crops in the world, while organic cotton cultivation promotes clean air, clean water and clean soil.


Responsible and sustainable organic cotton production offers a variety of environmental benefits, including lower soil inputs such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides, less manure runoff, lower field emissions and less irrigation. These benefits contribute to the promotion of a healthy ecosystem, including healthy soil, a core principle of organic farming.

The best quality

We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. Several decades of successful operation and millions of satisfied customers let us be sure in this regard. In addition, all of the items we sell go through a thorough quality control so that our professionals cannot miss any property mismatch


Genetically modified plants are prohibited in organic cultivation. In contrast to conventional GM cotton, organic cotton produces seeds from which new plants can grow. This saves the farmers enormous costs for new seeds. The cultivation of organic cotton supports smallholder structures - and the independence of the farmers




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Our CEO and Senior Salesman with 15 years of experience. He knows everything about our products


Sales (at) mineemoo.com
Always friendly and kind our customer service manager always ready to help you with a smile.


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Our IT manager. Contact him if you have any problems with your account or the purchase card in our store


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Head of Quality Control. Their mission is to check the products we ship and resolve any quality problems.


ROBERTIAbwicklung lief schnell und alles hat geklappt. Rücksendung schnell bearbeitet. Rückzahlung auch schnell. Ich kann nichts Negatives berichten
JESSICA Ies passte einwandfrei. Mein Sohn schien auch etwas Platz zu haben,konnte auch seine Arme und Schultern gut bewegen. Oft erlauben die Button-Ups das nicht. Mir gefiel auch, dass ich nicht alle Knöpfe aufmachen machen musste, um es anzuziehen!
SAM  I bought this for my new grandson who was just 7lb and everything was too big for him bless him. These sleepsuits are good quality, wash well and great value for money. They fitted well and new Mum was really pleased with them. Would definitely recommend..
Edna  I bought this pack of sleepsuits as a gift for a new baby and they are perfect. Soft fabric and gentle blue colour with a sweet lion design on one..!